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Our Approach

We don’t just take your order, and show up with the food. We work with you to build a culinary experience. We believe food and eating are the pinnacle of socializing. We want to create an event for you that people will remember for years. Our team will help you create your menu, prepare all items, serve, and entertain your guests with an authentic, comfortable manner, that will leave you longing for the next time we can all get together! From barbecue to Tex-Mex, Crawfish to a Fish Fry, we do it all….and we do it better than the rest!

Our Story

Like all cooks we started out as four friends who liked to make meals for their friends and family. Eventually, we decided to join forces and take our show on the road to barbecue competitions, chili cook-offs, and other competitive cooking contests. During our journeys we collected more than our fair share of trophies and accolades; but more importantly we fielded thousands of requests for catering. Being the modest men that we are it took some persuading for us to move into the catering space; but once we did, we realized that it is as much fun as competition. We enjoy the interactions with clients and their guests, and look forward to cooking for you soon!

Meet the Team


 PitBoss & Trophy Collector

Bryan grew up cooking with his dad and learned the art of smoked meats from a very early age. He developed a passion for creating food that makes memories and strives for perfection. Bryan has the ultimate responsibility for cooking, seasoning creations and serving the best product in the market, and he takes that responsibility very seriously.


Ringmaster & Chief Dreamer

Kenneth is bossy, ask anyone. He has always enjoyed telling others what to do. Kenneth has always loved cooking, and serving his food which led to the formation of Bite Club with Bryan. Kenneth is responsible for the coordination of all the moving parts and execution of every service. If Bryan is the chef, Kenneth is the Maitre D’.

CASEY Galloway

Fireman & Team Glue

Casey grew up in East Texas, so he has barbecue and wood in his DNA. On a cooking team, and especially barbecue the fire is the most important element. Casey takes charge of the pit and fire during a cook, and almost as importantly he is also the team psychiatrist. Cooking demands long strange hours and close quarters, which requires someone like Casey to be there to make sure we all live through the events!


Expert Knifeman & Culinary Inventor

Chance is the youngest member of the team which means he generally does the most work! Chance has a background in restaurants and bars and manages the prep work in our kitchen. Along with his cooking and serving duties Chance is constantly thinking of new dishes for us to add to our menu!

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